Dr. Albina Chuwa

Dr. Albina Chuwa is a Director General of Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics; Dr. Chuwa has a PhD in Population Statistics, MA in Population Studies and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics and part time Lecturer at the Regional Eastern Statistical Training Center based in Tanzania.

Dr. Chuwa is conversant in the area of data production, analysis, and dissemination of statistical information for evidence - based policy making at all levels. Being a Principle Population Statistician, Dr. Chuwa is conversant in the area of population analysis using indirect techniques of demography and gender analysis. She has been engaged with different international organization such as UNFPA to assist other African Countries in the implementation of 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses.

She had also served as Chair of the Global Executive Board for Improvement of Agricultural and Rural Statistics based in Rome and newly elected member of ISI. Currently, she is a Member of Steering Committee of Global Strategy for Improvement of Agriculture and Rural Statistics based in Rome and champion of Open Data Movement in Africa. She has been and continued publishing several papers on social dimensions such as HIV/AIDS, Fertility, Gender and Education.

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