Capacity Development for Results-Based Monitoring, Evaluation and Auditing (CD-RBMA)

In 2013 ESRF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Finance – PED to support the implementation of the Capacity Development for Results-Based Monitoring and Auditing Project under the United Nations Development Assistance Plan (2011-14) (UNDAP). The objective of the project is to respond to expressed needs of the government and other actors in the context of the PFM IV agenda, as well as addressing the capacity gaps in the national poverty monitoring and evaluation institutions and systems, including sub-national and community monitoring systems. Furthermore, the project addressed performance gap between good macro stability and persistent increase in income poverty at community level which needs to be addressed through localization of MDGs and piloting community supported programmes with a view of generating employment for youth and women.

Specifically ESRF was to facilitate implementation of e-communication strategy for social protection, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability using the Tzonline and TAKNET platforms, Carry out assessment studies on viability of ICT in MAF piloted LGAs (its impact on people’s life, – e-health, e-governance, e-agriculture etc).Carry out studies on availability and use of ICT in rural areas and its impact on people’s life, – e-health, e-governance, e-agriculture etcand to create platforms for sharing community knowledge and best practices and to Support ICT platforms, including community radios, ICT4RD, Tzonline and TAKNET