Tanzania Human Development Report 2014

Economic Transformation for Human Development

By Prof. Marc Wuyts and Dr. Blandina Kilama

Economic Transformation in Tanzania: Vicious or Virtuous Circle?

By Prof. Marc Wuyts and Dr. Blandina Kilama

The Changing Economy of Tanzania Patterns of Accumulation and Structural Change

By Dr. Longinus Rutasitara & Dr. Jehovaness Aikaeli

What Growth Pattern is Needed to Achieve the Objective of Tanzania’s Development Vision-2025?

By Dr. Razack Lokina & Prof. Anthony Leiman

Managing Natural Resources For Sustainable Growth and Human Development in Tanzania – The Case of Extractive Industry

By Prof. Alfred Agwanda and Prof. Haidari Amani

Population Growth, Structure And Momentum In Tanzania

By Prof. Phares G.M. Mujinja and Dr. Tausi M. Kida

Implications Of Health Sector Reforms In Tanzania: Policies, Indicators And Accessibility To Health Services

By Prof. Suleman Sumra and Dr. Joviter K. Katabaro

Declining Quality of Education: Suggestions for Arresting and Reversing The Trend

By Dr. Flora Kessy and Ms. Mashavu Omar

Status And Progress Of Human Development And Implications For Achieving Zanzibar Development Vision 2020

By Flora Kessy & Mashavu Omar

Status and Progress of Human Development in Zanzibar

By Marc Wuyts and Hazel Gray

Situating Social Policy in Social Economic Transformation: A Conceptual Framework

By Marc Wuyts, Desmond Mushi and Tausi Kida

Aid Dependency in Financing Space for Social Provisioning in Tanzania:

By Jehovaness Aikaeli and Humphrey Moshi

Social Policy in Historical Perspective in Tanzania

By Godius Kahyarara, Razack Lokina & Joyce Nyoni

Social Policy, Gender and Labour

By Maureen Mackintosh and Paula Tibandebage

Health as a Productive Sector

By Flora Myamba and Sheshangai Kaniki

Social Protection: Safety Net or Vehicle for Transformation?

By Suleman Sumra and Joviter Katabaro

Education Foundations of Development of Skills and Productive Capacities

By Flora Kessy and Richard Mahali

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services in Tanzania: Access, Policy Trends, ..

Tanzania Human Development Report 2017

Social Policy in the Context of Economic Transformation

Ripoti ya Maendeleo ya Binadamu 2017

Sera ya Kijamii Katika Muktadha wa Mageuzi ya Kiuchumi

Discerning and Circumventing Bias in Social Research


The Nexus Between Human Development and Growth


Tanzania and the Quest for Sustainable Utilization of Oil and Natural Gas


Opportunities For Technology Transfer Between India and African Countries


Plans and Progress by VETA to Prepare Tanzanians to Engage in the Natural Gas Value Chain Process


Challenges Ahead For Tanzania to Build New Capacities for Gas Industry Development


The Imperative Of Adequate Preparedness


Voices of Farmers in Village Communities in Tanzania


Unlocking the Denied Potential for Resource Poor Farmers


Is the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Suitable for a Monetary Union?


Health Services Delivered by the Bukoba Municipal Council: What has Quality Got to Do with It?


Provision and Access of Health Care Services in the Urban Health Care Market in Tanzania


Governance in Mining Areas in Tanzania with Special Reference to Land Issues.


Coping Strategies in Singida and Dodoma Regions Volume III


Coping Strategies in Singida and Dodoma Regions Volume II


Coping Strategies in Singida and Dodoma Regions Volume I


Successes and Constraints for Improving Public Private Partnership in Health Services Delivery in Tanzania


Aligning and Harmonizing the Livestock and Land Policies of Tanzania


Implications of the Uruguay Round on Tanzanias Development


The Case of Non-Agricultural Activities


A Survey of the 1980-1995 Literature


The Case of Ethiopia and the United Republic of Tanzania


Towards Cost and Benefit Analysis in Tanzania


Investment, Foreign Aid and Self Reliance in Tanzania: A State-of-the-Art Review


A Background Paper for the Country's 1995 Economic Memorandum (CEM)