High Level Policy Dialogue for the Making Agricultural Trade Sustainable (MATS) on 23rd – 27th October 2023

The high-level policy dialogue within the framework of the MATS project is centred on the primary objective of achieving optimal outcomes through the facilitation of meaningful cooperation and interaction among key stakeholders.

This concerted effort involves fostering a robust partnership between researchers, policymakers, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and the broader stakeholder community. By prioritizing evidence-based policy development and promoting the active involvement of civil society and diverse stakeholder groups, this initiative seeks to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of agricultural trade practices. This multifaceted approach underscores the significance of informed, inclusive, and cooperative decision-making processes to ensure the project’s success and benefit the agriculture sector at large.

Dialogue Materials

Participants following the presentation during the High-Level Policy Dialogue for the Making Agricultural Trade Sustainable (MATS) policy dialogue at ESRF Conference Hall – Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.