Name: Ms. Jacqueline Mwijage

Title: Personal Assistant To Executive Director

Ms. Jacqueline Mwijage is a proactive senior professional personal secretary of ESRF Executive Director with the ability to perform a wide variety of confidential executive, secretarial and administrative duties. With more than fifteen years of experience in providing support to the top-level leaders in different organizations, Ms. Mwijage has demonstrated the ability to provide quality support to the CEOs and Executive Directors. Ms. Mwijage have maintained absolute confidentiality in regards to employees, organization information and human resource issues to all organizations that she has worked in.

She is highly skilled in administration and the proven ability to build productive relationships with external departments and stakeholders to inspire the achievement of the organization’s requirements and objectives. On top of that, she is a fast learner who adapts quickly to change and confident in her ability to work within a demanding environment and with minimum supervision.

With the proven experience of organizing events for top-level leaders, Ms. Mwijage Jacqueline is also well experienced in coordinating meetings and taking complicated minutes in Committees, Board meetings, team meetings, and meetings attended by Executive Director and disseminating and maintaining minutes to make sure that actions are met. Ms. Mwijage have acted a primary point of contact for all outside and inside visitors prior to interface with Executive Director and demonstrated to be Highly competent communicator and skilled in multitasking.