Name: Mr. Abel Lawrence Songole


Mr. Abel Songole works in the capacity of a researcher in the Commissioned Research Department at Economic and Social Research Foundation since 2014. He holds MSc. in Economics and Finance for Development from Bradford (UK) and Mzumbe (TZ) Universities.

He has long-term experience in coordinating and conducting extensive socio-economic policy research activities relating to agriculture, food and nutrition security, rural development and poverty, governance and business management as well as measurements learning and evaluation.

His track record in policy formulation and review of commissioned assignments include: Review of the Tanzania Microfinance Policy (2015); Formulation of Zanzibar Private Sector Development Policy (2018); Review of Tanzania Youth Development Policy (2016); Formulation of Annual Action Plan Program 2017, 11th EDF Interventions for Tanzania in Agriculture Sector (2017); and Pilot Study for Assessing the Impact of Policy Coherence for Development on Food Security in Tanzania (2015).