Name: Mr. Mutalemwa Benedict

Title: Research Fellow

Mutalemwa is a Natural Resources and Livelihoods Researcher, worked over sixteen (16) years, in Multi-Disciplinary Developmental Policy Research and Consultancies. His experience encompasses Capacity building, Coordination, Investment feasibility studies, Mid-line and end-line projects review and evaluations, Climate change and Environmental analytics, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA/SEIA) for proposed projects, as well as Climate and Agro -productivity modelling using appropriate models such as AcquaCrop, General Circulation Models (GCMs), Representative Concentration Pathways(RCPs), and Climate Model inter-comparison Project (CMIP) Depository.

His engagements have spanned both Public and Private sectors in Tanzania, Sub Saharan Africa and beyond; through various consultancies, trainings and Fellowships offered, including his most recent One Planet Laureate Candidacy in Sub-Saharan Africa young Agro-climatic Researchers’ network, won since the year 2021.

Holding a Master’s degree in Agricultural and Environmental sciences from Newcastle University, UK; Mutalemwa is currently ESRF Research Fellow participating in different projects and programs, while coordinating the Foundation’s Functions in the Capital City of Dodoma.