Team Information

Mr. John Kajiba, is the Foundation’s IT Expert /Data Analyst, who has a B.Sc degree in Computer Science from the University of Dar es Salaam. At the Foundation, Mr. Kajiba has successfully launched the Website and facilitated the work of members of the core research team.

He is managing all data processes at ESRF; starting from questionnaire coding, data entry and data analysis by using different software like SPSS, STATA, etc. Mr. Kajiba has successfully administered various big surveys datasets including HIV survey, RPED surveys of various waves, etc

He is one among the pioneers on the area of ecommerce in Tanzania as he prepared and conducted research on the area of Ecommerce. He also co-authored a book on Tanzania poverty baseline .The book shows the poverty situation in Tanzania-2000, as output of jointly work between NBS and ESRF in reviewing various household datasets like HBS1992, HRD1993, HBS2000 etc.

He is also well versed in Inmagic software database he has trained and developed several database by using the package. The most current training he has conducted at University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania Technology Transfer Centre)