Author(s) : Dr. Razack Lokina & Prof. Anthony Leiman

Managing Natural Resources For Sustainable Growth and Human Development in Tanzania – The Case of Extractive Industry

Author(s) : Dr. Longinus Rutasitara & Dr. Jehovaness Aikaeli

What Growth Pattern is Needed to Achieve the Objective of Tanzania’s Development Vision-2025?

Author(s) : Prof. Marc Wuyts and Dr. Blandina Kilama

The Changing Economy of Tanzania Patterns of Accumulation and Structural Change

Author(s) : Prof. Marc Wuyts and Dr. Blandina Kilama

Economic Transformation in Tanzania: Vicious or Virtuous Circle?

Author(s) : Ian Shanghvi

Role of Operative Environment of Micro-Finance on Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania: The Need for A Holistic Research Approach

Author(s) : By Prof. Suleman Sumra and Dr. Joviter K. Katabaro

Declining Quality of Education: Suggestions for Arresting and Reversing The Trend

Author(s) : Dr. Hoseana Bohela Lunogelo and Solomon Baregu

India and China: Opportunities and Challenges For Tanzania’s Economic Prosperity

Author(s) : By Flora Kessy and Richard Mahali

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services in Tanzania: Access, Policy Trends, ..

Author(s) : By Suleman Sumra and Joviter Katabaro

Education Foundations of Development of Skills and Productive Capacities

Author(s) : By Flora Myamba and Sheshangai Kaniki

Social Protection: Safety Net or Vehicle for Transformation?

Author(s) : By Jehovaness Aikaeli and Humphrey Moshi

Social Policy in Historical Perspective in Tanzania

Author(s) : By Marc Wuyts, Desmond Mushi and Tausi Kida

Aid Dependency in Financing Space for Social Provisioning in Tanzania:

Author(s) : By Marc Wuyts and Hazel Gray

Situating Social Policy in Social Economic Transformation: A Conceptual Framework

Author(s) : By Haidari Amani & Ahmed Makbel

Population Dynamics and Social Policy

Author(s) : By Flora Kessy & Mashavu Omar

Status and Progress of Human Development in Zanzibar

Author(s) : Dr. Flora Kessy and Ms. Mashavu Omar

Status and Progress of Human Development and Implications ..

Author(s) : Prof. Phares G.M. Mujinja and Dr. Tausi M. Kida

Implications of Health Sector Reforms in Tanzania:

Author(s) : Prof. Alfred Agwanda and Prof. Haidari Amani

Population Growth, Structure and Momentum in Tanzania