Dr. Paula Andrew Tibandebage was an outstanding Tanzanian scholar, social researcher and writer, with an international reputation and considerable policy impact. In the 1990s, Dr. Paula was one of a small group of Tanzanian intellectuals who built the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF), a pioneering independent Tanzanian public/private think tank under the leadership of Professor Samuel Wangwe. Paula’s research leadership developed a programme of innovative ESRF work on social sectors, notably health and education. Paula also had a commitment to research on gender equality.

Author(s) : Maureen Mackintosh, Paula Tibandebage, Joan Kariuki Kungu, Mercy Karimi Njeru and Caroline Israel

Health Systems as Industrial Policy: Building Collaborative Capabilities in the Tanzanian and Kenyan Health Sectors and Their Local Suppliers

Author(s) : Maureen Mackintosh, Geoffrey Banda, Paula Tibandebage and Watu Wamae

Introduction: African Industrial Development, Values and Health Care

By: Tibandebage, Paula and Mackintosh, Maureen (2010)

Maternal mortality in Africa: a gendered lens on health system failure

Author(s) : Tibandebage, Paula; Kida, Tausi; Mackintosh, Maureen and Ikingura, Joyce (2016)

Can managers empower nurse-midwives to improve maternal health care? A comparison of two resource-poor hospitals in Tanzania

By: Paula Tibandebage, Samuel Wangwe, Maureen Mackintosh and Phares G.M. Mujinja

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Decline in Tanzania: How Possible Is a Turnaround to Growth?